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The Experience Includes

The Crystal Healing Experience, created exclusively by Angela Valentine, focuses on balancing and aligning the body's many energy fields while releasing blockages in the flow of healing energy so the body may replenish, repair, and restructure any areas in need of rejuvenation. Each individual's experience will be unique, and healing may take place on multiple levels at once: physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Each Crystal Healing Experience session provides the unique combination of the placement of a beautiful array of various crystals chosen for their specific healing properties on and around the body in patterned configurations. Then, according to the client's needs, applications of energy healing, light, color, sound healing and tuning forks are added for further vibrational healing benefits. While relaxing with the crystals, the client then experiences a deeply restorative personal healing guided meditation designed specifically for them, inducing a theta brain wave level where the body’s natural self-healing abilities are at their most powerful. This state also allows access to the subconscious mind, which can be instructed to gently release emotional traumas, cellular memories or reprogram belief systems that may be hampering the flow of healing life force energy. As a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Angela is not only well-trained in accessing this healing level deep within the subconscious, but also possesses a gentle, calming, and nurturing presence that creates a safe space for clients to feel at ease letting themselves go into deeper levels of relaxation.

The entire Crystal Healing Experience is not only delightfully pampering, but has been described as deeply restorative, relaxing, cleansing, rebalancing and energizing.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing can be a powerfully effective method of shifting the vibrational frequencies that compose our energy fields and directly affect our physical, mental and emotional states as well as our spiritual levels of conscious awareness. Most crystals have a specific grid-like structure and high-vibrational energy frequency, and when placed within our human energy field, can smooth out our chaotic energies and bring them back into harmony through a process called "resonance." Specific crystals have an "affinity" for certain areas of the body or energy field or have demonstrated particular healing effects for certain issues. Crystal Healing is actually one of the most ancient healing practices known to man, with evidence of its use since the earliest times of prehistory.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a wonderful method of having personal assistance in letting go of your busy mental thoughts and physical tensions in order to relax deeply. Spoken softly and soothingly, a guided meditation will often include pleasant visualizations and positive affirmations to promote an experience of inner healing. When your busy, fast Beta brain waves calm down into more relaxed Alpha brain waves, and even further into slower Theta brain waves, your innate inner healing resources are more easily accessed and used by the body, mind and soul for rejuvenation.

Self-Healing Hypnosis

Self-Healing Hypnosis is actually quite similar to guided meditation, in that it involves calming the mind and body until a pleasant state of relaxation is reached. When the busy, constantly thinking, rational, every day conscious mind is very relaxed, access to deeper levels of the mind, called the subconscious mind, is possible. This is the area of your mind that houses your permanent memory, your emotions and the underlying belief systems that are like programs running your life. During self-healing hypnosis, root cause cellular memories can be released, old emotional traumas can be healed, and suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind to change current negative belief systems into more positive programs that can benefit all areas of life experience.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the application of specific healing frequencies of sound vibrations to move stagnant energies, break up energetic blockages, smooth out and balance chaotic frequencies and even encourage the flow of healing energies to specific locations. Sound waves are particularly penetrating and have been said to have the ability to "cut through anything." They're not literally "cutting," of course, but they can access stuck energies that are held deeply within the body. Sound healing instruments can include drums, rattles, bells, chimes, metal Tibetan "singing bowls," crystal bowls and the like. Particularly effective are the use of high quality precisely tuned vibrating Tuning Forks that can actually be used on acupressure points on the body in place of needles. Even acupuncture physicians attest to the ability of tuning forks to open energy meridians as effectively as needles, without the invasive procedures!

Color Healing

Color Healing is another method of vibrational energy healing using the frequencies of the visible color spectrum as healing tools. Like the energy frequencies of crystals, different colors have an "affinity" for different areas of the body and/or have different physical, emotional and mental effects upon a person. Red is typically a color that warms things up, gets energy moving, and increases vitality. Blue, on the other hand, is very soothing, calming and cooling and can slow energy down where it is too chaotic. Green can be considered a general purpose over all healing color. Color healing can be applied through the colors of crystals, colored fabrics, or colored lights.

Light Healing

Light Healing involves the use of a light source and colored "gels" (thin sheets of colored plastic) in specific hues for the application of color healing. The application of light has been studied scientifically and proven efficacious for healing purposes, and works on similar principles of other vibrational healing methods, as light is simply another form of vibrational frequency. Using kinesiology, or "muscle testing," a client can be tested for the particular hue of light their body needs most at that time. Many people can be considered "light deprived" and soak up these vibrations like a thirsty desert soaks up rain!

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a form of hands-on energy healing where the practitioner allows universal healing energy vibrations to pass through them and into the client. Often specific areas are covered by the hands for a few moments, then the hands move to the next position, until a number of positions are completed. These positions typically cover the areas called the "chakras." Other areas, of course, can be utilized, such as the head, the shoulders, the hips, the knees, the feet or other specific areas in need of additional healing energy. Receiving a Reiki treatment can be immensely enjoyable as the healer's hands are usually warm, soothing and nurturing, and the client becomes deeply relaxed. Like many other vibrational healing modalities, Reiki can be effective for physical, mental and emotional issues.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing uses universal healing energy ("Prana") similar to Reiki, but is generally applied off the body. Going one step further than Reiki, Pranic Healing cleanses away "dirty" or "waste" energies first, before then adding fresh clean new energy. Pranic Healing has been clairvoyantly verified and specific energy protocols have been established that can be followed for various physical, mental or emotional issues. Advanced Pranic Healing further involves the combination of Pranic Healing and Color Healing, and Pranic Crystal Healing uses the power of crystals to amplify energy frequencies for even more effective and rapid cleansing, energizing and healing. Pranic Psychotherapy is a powerful way of healing mental and/or emotional issues, often without the client even needing to reveal their issues to the practitioner. All forms of Pranic Healing are extremely effective as a complete healing modality all by itself.

Balancing the Chakras

Balancing the Chakras involves any number of vibrational healing techniques, such as using crystals, colors, light, Pranic Healing or Reiki Healing, for putting the chakras back into their most optimum condition and balance. "Chakras" can be considered as spinning vortexes of concentrated energy at particular areas, generally along the midpoint of the body. These vortexes of energy are like little "lungs" breathing energy into our meridians, or our circulating energy pathways, and directly affect our health and well-being. Unfortunately, these chakras can be effected by the energies of our thoughts, our emotions, stress and/or traumatic experiences in our lives and can become depleted, overly enlarged, or out of alignment with one another, among other types of damage. Vibrational healing methods are used to heal that damage, cleanse away stagnant energies, rebuild the chakras with fresh energy and align and balance them once again so the body's energy system runs at peak performance again!

Cleansing the Aura

Cleansing the Aura is yet another application for vibrational energy healing methods. The aura is a field of energy around the physical body that is actually composed of a number of layers. The innermost layers are the most dense, energetically, and the outer layers become more and more refined. Seen clairvoyantly, the aura is often composed of constantly changing variations of colors that indicate our physical health, our moods, our thoughts and even the thoughts and/or energies of others we have been around. Keeping one's aura and other energy systems "clean" is as important as taking a shower or brushing your teeth, and yet most people don't know anything at all about cleansing their energy! Entire books have been written about how changing your aura can change your life!