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CRYSTAL ESSENCE SPRAYS: Powerful 4 oz. healing sprays containing Holy Water blessed by the Archangels, intensely infused by beautiful healing crystals chosen for specific healing properties, and delightfully scented with high quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Created during the power of the full moon with love and Reiki Energy personally by Rev. Angela Valentine.

Balances the chakras. Cleanses and heals the aura, sealing holes and tears. Dissolves attachments and releases negative karma and entities from aura. Increases auric field and protects your energy from negativity.

POWER SPACE CLEARING: Extra strength environmental energy purification. Cleanses and releases stagnant and/or negative energies.

YOGA, MEDITATION & PRAYER: Clears the mind, calms the emotions, and raises vibration for exquisite meditation, devotion, prayer or spiritual practices.

ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY: Helps shift vibration towards prosperity consciousness to attract situations that generate wealth and abundance. Also increases motivation, will-power, self-confidence and positive attitudes.

STRESS REMEDY: Helps to relieve stress, panic and shock. May reduce anxiety, emotional upset, sadness, and confusion. Can even be applied topically for support of physical trauma, wounds and/or pain.

SUPER SAGE CLEANSE & PURIFY: Disperses all kinds of negative energies and transmutes into positive vibrations. Cleanses, heals, strengthens, grounds, revitalizes. Clears aura, removes blockages, balances and aligns chakras. Forms protective shield around body.

SACRED MOUNTAIN GROUNDING: Powerfully grounding, centering, stabilizing. Physical, mental, emotional cleansing, balancing and energizing. Aligns chakras and subtle bodies. Strengthens energy field. Prevents negativity from entering aura.

Vibrant joyful loving energy. Cleanses chakras and neutralizes negativity. Dissolves stress. Helps lift dark moods, anger, grief, despair. Deep emotional healing, balancing, soothing. Boosts self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.

BLESSED HOLY WATER: Blesses spaces, objects and people. Deeply healing, purifying, and cleansing for body, mind and emotions. Spiritually uplifting. Promotes unconditional love, forgiveness and living from the heart. Brings inner peace and well-being.

ENERGY & VITALITY: Awakens, energizes, invigorates, revitalizes. Purifies, cleanses, balances, grounds, protects, strengthens. Clears mind, regenerates body. Excellent for countering physical exhaustion, lethargy, energy depletion and mental burnout.

BE CALM / SLEEP TIGHT: Reduces stress, worry and anxiety. Emotionally soothing. Instills peace. Calms mind. Excellent for meditation. Antidote for insomnia, promoting deep, restful, regenerating sleep. Reduces nightmares, promotes dream recall.

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